What’s the role on ministry for Gender and Children Rights?

25 11 2011

Where is the ministry for Gender and Children Rights??

Since the inception of this ministry, it has been fighting for the rights of the children, but some of us have not been successful yet we are in great need of their assistance.

I have a great friend called Eli Chi, though it is a nickname for the name Elijah. He is still young and only twenty five years old but only few people can tell his exact age.

Eli chi was once a very handsome   guy, who would have been an envy of the society would he have retained his looks. One day, as they were sleeping in their base, a vehicle lost control and rammed into the base. He, together with his friends got seriously injured.

The accident not only disfigured his face, but paralyzed him on his right hand. Life became unbearable to him and he ventured into the business of selling gum and marijuana so as to sustain himself.

Right now, if someone can have a look at Eli Chi, he looks as if he has already clocked forty years, as the habit of sniffing gum and smoking marijuana has made him have a retarded growth, more so, wrinkling his face.

The time this fateful accident occurred, Eli Chi together with his friends had no one to direct them on what steps to take as the law states. The driver was so mean and just decided to walk away scot free, without bothering to take them to hospital not even to compensate them.

Does it mean street children who do not have someone to call, ‘’mummy, daddy,’’ or even a decent place to live in, do not deserve justice? Where are the ministry of Gender and Children Rights to address this problem?

Eli Chi is facing lots of difficulties day in, day out, the type of business he is running to sustain himself is illegal and will end up ruining the lives of many youths. His fellow street brothers and sisters are not in a position to provide for his basic needs, as the little they manage to get is not even enough for them.

Kindly, can the Ministry of Gender and Children Rights intervene???


Imagine Life Without Water

13 04 2010

Imagine life without water how will one survive?Going for a week without taking a bath not even cleaning one’s face!As you wake up every day! People say survival for the fittest.

Staying for weeks without anything to eat, not even wash clothes.This is how villagers of Mitumba south c’ mabatini” survive.Their taps have dried up for almost two months,No help from the City Council of Nairobi,Yet, the residents pay tax like other people.

No word from the area councilor, who is already aware,This is how villagers of Mitumba ‘South C’mabatini survive.The  councilor we elected is not bothered at all,He asked for our votes, this is all we get in return,He is too busy for the electorates to visit him Is this the Kenya we want?

This is how villagers of Mitumba ‘South C’ mabatini survive.


30 03 2010

So much desired of human beings,

Most affected are youths!

We luck control over it,

Many say it is normal,

Others say “asiye na wake aelekee jiwe.

It disturbs young people,

Some end up committing suicide!

Lucky are those who have!

Just because they do enjoy,

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.

Oh! Day after day,

I think about it,

But does it think of me as I do about it?

I have never gotten a permanent one,

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.

Why, why please answer me youths?

I exchange them like CD’s,

The first one, second and third the list is endless,

When will this end?

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.

It has no cure or control!

Many say it is  like right of passage,

Due to this, many have lost their taste,

Many have stopped their education!

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.

The big monster is Boy and Girl friend relation,

Why us  God?

Do you have one?

Is it right to have one?

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.

As they say “to love and to be loved is the greatest happiness…….”

But select your partner,

Reason before you do anything,

The monster won’t conquer you,

Let us be faithful to one another.

Asiye Na wake aelekee jiwe.


12 03 2010

If I were in a leadership position, the first and the most important thing for me Would be to fight ignorance among the people of my community.

 I would do this by starting up educational projects and strengthening those  already in place. The cancer of ignorance in my community has led to growth of poverty at a higher speed, and most of the African countries suffer from this Hence, affecting the productivity of the nation.

Secondly I would try my level best to reduce poverty among my people. By this I do not mean giving “hands out” to my citizens, rather, helping them play an active role in their own salvation rather than looking up to one person for help.

A wise man once said that give a man a fish and you will have fed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime. I would set up institutions to help people master crafts such as carpentry so they can be self employed.

Thirdly I would fight unemployment among the youths. Being a “ghetto youth” , I have witnessed how a large supply of manpower is going to waste.

Many able bodied youths engage in deviant behaviors such as drug abuse, theft and idling. I would promote development of talents in youths by setting up sporting tournaments to top and develop young talents.

Many youths are talented but the just don’t know that, if properly initiated and well structured youths development projects can take countless youths out of the drug pints and onto the road to self employment and development.

Lastly, many communities need leaders who lead not by words but by examples, I would be a role model in words and deeds by living a pious life style and encouraging others to follow suit instead of encouraging nepotism and tribalism when handing out jobs I would look for the best qualified person to fit in any given position.

The points I have put across are just but a few of the numerous measures that can be taken to bring about community development. However, it is not worthy to point out that a solitary person alone can not help a community that will not help itself.

Help an only come from within the people in the community so this must be taken into consideration if any fruits are to yield.

God Loves And Values Everybody

8 01 2010

As we know God is the one who gives and always takes away life, He is the one to decide if you will be alive the next minute or even tomorrow.

Imagine if God was to charge you for the air that you have been using! But becauseof the love that He has for us, He has never charged any body!

Mitumba slum which is the fifth largest slum in Nairobi and the luckiest one becauseIt is the next to Wilson Airport, the settlers of Mitumba were very angry after they were  burned in their houses when an unknown person was claiming the land where theVillagers have constructed their houses “vibanda” was his.

The person claimed he wanted to build luxurious houses but the villagers decided not to move away. They were claiming that they have stayed there for about seventeen years and they believe that Nairobi is no man’s land.

The person claiming the land was very annoyed by the villagers and decided to take action on to his hands; he had to hire some men to come at midnight and set village on fire while the villagers were asleep.

As they were about to set fire, some of the villagers were not yet asleep they noticed there were intruders in the village, they screamed and woke up the rest.           

The intruders had a hard time to escape since  all the villagers were awake, they escaped  having bad injuries all over their bodies but at last police were there trying to calm down the angry villagers.

The killer Disease

21 12 2009

AIDS! The Deadly scourge!!

I announce to all races,

That I am dangerous,

Than the dreadful tsunamis,

Violent than the atomic bombs,

I kill without being bribed,

My satisfaction is killing.

I rob parents of their lives,

Not sparing their children,

Teachers, students alike.

Pastors, believers’ lives are destroyed!

Neither the rich nor the poor are spared,

I really don’t choose!

My satisfaction is killing!

Many have ended up to the grave,

Many are left orphans,

Widows and widowers struggling,

Innocent people are suffering,

All because of merciless me!

My secret is one!

Believe that I exist,

I am not a myth!

Then abstain and be faithful.

My satisfaction is killing!

It was not his fault

7 12 2009

I had a friend who was so much involved in drugs and a day could hardly pass without him smoking bhang.

He had friends who came from well off families, who had all the luxurious things in life.He wanted to be part of them as he came from a poor background.

The day he was narrating to me this painful story, I got more surprised when he told me that he started smoking bhang when he was in high school, form two. It was hard to believe since for that long we had been friends at no time did I ever notice some strange behaviors of drug addicts in him.

The only thing that really kept him smiling was that when it came to books he was the cream of the most brilliant students in class .As time passed by, some of his classmates approached him to join their group discussion so that they would help him in subjects that he was not performing in well, especially in Mathematics and Physics.

As he was progressing well with this discussion, one of the group members called Dennis who was good in these subjects broke to him shocking news on what used to help them perform better in those subjects. It was really shocking, but for real, it was the bottom truth of the matter.

‘’Here are the stimulative drugs we have been taking for quite some time, and if you want a better performance in these subjects, you may have some,’’ said Dennis

Slowly and slowly he became addicted and grew in love with this drug! More so, from the day he Joined this group he began to experience and received much help in of money and hence began to forget his poor background, more  so, started sneaking out of school to go and party with ladies

It reached a time that he could not stay for hours without having taken the drugs (bhang, heroin, cocaine and miraa became part of his meals.

He also began hating studies and he could not concentrate in class as he used to even

escape from school in order to purchase the drugs. He was being suspended from school when he was in form three, third term.As a result of escaping from school on several occasions, he was sent away for  good,’’kupewa G,’’


Life became very hard after he was sent away from school, he was left regretting what to do next and what future had for him, reason as to why he started taking drugs, was not known to him.

He had lost hope in his life but he was being advised by his small brother not to think negatively but to join a rehab camp which was going on around the area.

After two weeks from rehabilitation, he resumed back to his normal life again and continued with his studies after having stayed two years out of school.